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BBQ Pork Pie
I usually make this with ground beef, and I don't use bbq sauce, but I had ground pork thawed and thought, hmmm, let's try something different! So glad I did! This is my new favorite way to make this. Super quick and simple.
Mom's Sloppy Joe
I remember the first time I had Manwich. I thought to myself; this isn't sloppy joe! 😂 That's because I had grown up on my mom's homemade sloppy joes! I asked her to share her easy recipe. Here it is! When we were younger, my brother would make this and call it sloppy Kyle 🤦‍♀️
Can You Cook Bacon in the Oven??
Bacon is one of my faves, but cooking it can be a pain. Quite literally. Trying to flip bacon without burning yourself or making a mess can take some skill. That's why I cook mine in the oven!
Enchilada Casserole or Lazy Lady's Enchiladas
One night I made enchiladas, and they were delicious, but rolling each one was a little time-consuming, so I had a genius idea. Why not just put tortillas on the bottom of the dish, add all the cheesy goodness in the middle, and then top it with more tortillas and, of course, more cheese?? It turned out great, was quick and easy, and I found that I could fit more filling in the dish!
Grilled Pork Steaks
Remi made this the other night after the farmer's market and it was a perfect meal to end the day!
Duck Pot Pie
This is my mom's pot pie recipe. I was always so excited as a kid when I found out this was on the menu for the week! She's made chicken, turkey, and rabbit pot pie. I decided to mix it up and give duck a try. I used a whole duck for this recipe, so not only did I get meat, but I also saved back the skin to fry up, and the carcass for some yummy broth!
Dutch Baby with Sourdough Discard
This has become one of my favorite breakfast or I'm hankering-for-something-sweet to eat treat if ya know what I'm talking about. It's hearty, and buttery. Can't get much better than that!
Oven-Baked Pork Steak
Pork steaks are super yummy! They're similar to pork chops. Pork steaks are cut from the shoulder roast and cost less than chops, whereas the chops are cut from the loin, making their price a little higher. You can still enjoy a nice piece of meat that's tender and juicy while saving a little bit of money!
Egg Yolk Latte
At first, this might sound kinda odd, but give it a try; it's actually pretty yummy!
Pork and Veggie Stir Fry
I like this recipe when it's been a busy day. Quick and yummy!
Beef Stew
This recipe was created and shared by one of our very own beef loving customers! So yummy and nutrient dense; perfect for a cold winter meal!
Buttery Pan Seared Steak
I made this last summer with four 1.25" chuck steaks, but this would work great with other cuts as well!