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Meet The Families Behind
David's Pasture

  • David & Kim Kesten
    David & Kim Kesten
  • Remi & Kaitlyn Kesten
    Remi & Kaitlyn Kesten
    Poultry, Pig, and People Care
  • John & Amber Cox
    John & Amber Cox
    Pastured Poultry & Cattle Operations
  • Dave Pratt
    Dave Pratt
    AKA Delivery Dave

A few of our favorite recipes

January 24, 2023
We've recently harvested our grass-fed lamb for the year, and there are lots of cuts to experiment with. Personally, I have not cooked a lot with lamb, so this has been fun! This recipe is made with ground lamb and is really simple! The spices are warming and perfect for a cold winter day.

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January 11, 2023
I usually make whole chickens in the crock pot. It's so simple and easy to get started in the morning. Today, I decided to try something new and throw it in the oven instead! Gotta love that oven-baked crispy skin. The butter, lemon, and garlic combination put this chicken over the edge!

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October 18, 2022
Air fryers seem to be the new rage these days. Unfortunately, I don't have one. But, my friend April does! She tested out some DP chicken breasts to make chicken nuggets in her air fryer that were munchkin approved!

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