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Happy Thanksgiving!

Meet The Families Behind
David's Pasture

  • David & Kim Kesten
    David & Kim Kesten
  • Remi & Kaitlyn Kesten
    Remi & Kaitlyn Kesten
    Poultry, Pig, and People Care
  • John & Amber Cox
    John & Amber Cox
    Pastured Poultry & Cattle Operations
  • Dave Pratt
    Dave Pratt
    AKA Delivery Dave

A few of our favorite recipes

October 18, 2022
Air fryers seem to be the new rage these days. Unfortunately, I don't have one. But, my friend April does! She tested out some DP chicken breasts to make chicken nuggets in her air fryer that were munchkin approved!

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October 4, 2022
Here's a simple recipe for slow-simmered chicken bone broth from a loving friend and customer! She has been using our bones for years now to make her broth and wanted to share her method with us!

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September 15, 2022
I usually make this with ground beef, and I don't use bbq sauce, but I had ground pork thawed and thought, hmmm, let's try something different! So glad I did! This is my new favorite way to make this. Super quick and simple.

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