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Egg Yolk Latte

April 5, 2022 • 0 comments

Egg Yolk Latte
At first, this might sound kinda odd, but give it a try; it's actually pretty yummy!


  • (1) Egg Yolk
  • (2 shots) Espresso
  • (1-2 tablespoons) Cane Sugar
  • (6-8 ounces) Milk - Steamed/Warmed


I found this recipe on a lovely Instagram account I follow - @noellekovary

There are different ways to add an egg yolk to your coffee, but this is how we make ours at home ☕


Start by whisking your egg yolk and sugar together until it's nice and whipped.


Then pull your espresso shots and add it to your yolky mixture, stirring while pouring it in. 


Last and definitely not least, pour your milk in, and voila! Now you have a nutritious and foamy latte 😋


If you're not a latte fan, you can always add an egg yolk to your drip coffee. Just whip the yolk and sugar and add your coffee and some cream 🙂

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