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Why does my meat have ink on it?

September 21, 2022

Because we deliver our meats across the state line, we have to use USDA-inspected processing facilities.

Some day I'd love to write a post about the amazing processors we use!

USDA inspectors use a food-grade ink stamp to mark that the carcass has passed inspection. They stamp each half of the carcass.

If you happen to get a cut of meat with color on it, the purple ink you see is from the stamp. Sometimes it's the stamp itself, and sometimes it bleeds a little.

Remi and I try to be aware of what packages we pull from the freezer pack, but sometimes we don't catch if there is a stamp.

The ink is food-grade and can be consumed or trimmed off, but if that is something you are not comfortable with, please reach out to Remi so we can make things right!

I hope this was helpful 👍


Kait Kesten

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