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We're still here, just busy!

March 29, 2022

Some of you might be thinking, we don't care. And that's totally fine. I would never want bombard anyone with useless info.

But we also want you to feel connected. We want you to get to know us a little. To see the faces of the people who raise your food, pack your food, and deliver your food! 

All that said, we didn't get a chance to make our usual connections last week, because we've been preoccupied. Remi and I have been working on the farmhouse!

If you didn't know this already, Remi and I have spent the last year living in a 200 sq. ft. tiny house! It's been a blast. We've definitely embraced the minimalist lifestyle, but we are ready for more space to spread out and host people in our home. 

And this spring, we will be moving into the Kesten farmhouse! 

The past couple of days we've been working on some updates and adding our personal touch to the house 😃 

Last week we jumped in, along with a group of close friends, to knock out some painting. This week we're going to work on some of the cabinets and then move in!

Here are some pics of what we've finished so far, featuring my dad, Tim, rolling the dining room...


... and this is the finished product! 


We went with the same color in the living room.


We decided to put our bedroom upstairs. We went with white and I love it. 


I love this little ledge under the window, I definitely have plans to make this a plant shelf!


These stairs have so much history. Lots of little feet going up and down 💕


Thanks for following along on our journey! 

- Kaitlyn Kesten

Kait Kesten

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