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We no longer have milk :(

August 27, 2020

Hey fam,

As a small farm and business, we constantly evaluate to make sure
that we are offering the highest quality product, and doing so in
a model that is both affordable to you and economically

We began producing raw milk three years ago with a vision to
slowly scale the enterprise to help fill a huge gap in the KC
area. Fast forward to last year, and with the overwhelming
support of this community we have expanded our micro-dairy as far
as we can on our home property.

Without pasture available to rent nearby, we have tried our best
to capitalize on what we do have. However, without compromising
on the quality of our product and animal care, it has been a
struggle to offset the high cost of a dairy given the limited
amount of milk we are able to produce.

Because we refuse to sacrifice this core value, we have decided
to stop milking, and will instead continue our focus on making
quality meats accessible in a time where it is needed more than

We had planned to announce this weekend that we would continue to
have milk until November 1st. But, after our only cow in-milk was
suddenly injured this week and required medicinal treatment, we
will no longer have milk available beginning today, August 26th.
At this time we encourage you to seek out another trustworthy
source of raw milk, and we will help out in whatever way we can.

You are still welcome to return your milk jars and receive a $4 store credit.

Our families have enjoyed the convenience of offering milk as
much as I know you have enjoyed drinking it, and we are very sad to see it go!

Thank you for your love and support of this venture, and understanding of
our situation.

Remington Kesten

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