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The Farm Boy Who Didn't Eat Eggs (or Drink Milk!)

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April 18, 2024

Once upon a time there was a farm boy who didn't eat eggs or drink milk. Everyone gave him a hard time, which is understandable considering the irony of not being able to enjoy the food you produce yourself. 

Yes, that boy was me.

Me (Remi) raising chicks at the age of 11

I don't remember ever enjoying eggs as a kid, and milk, I stopped drinking around the age of 4 I believe. I didn't enjoy the taste or smell of either, but on top of that I found eggs to have a weird texture. And yes, I was one of those kids- the kind who couldn't eat even the most delicious food if it felt weird in my mouth. 

I know this made it difficult on my mother, who had a shoestring budget and saved money by using foods we produced here on our farmstead. Instead of eating eggs, I would opt for a double portion of sausage or bacon (which also came from our farmstead, thank goodness.) The aversion to milk they probably saw as a blessing, however, since it was a hot commodity and there never seemed to be enough of it in our house.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't picky. I would try anything once, and ate just about every other food under the sun. I simply loved food, so I didn't care what you put in front of me (as long as it wasn't eggs or milk.)

Over the years I learned to enjoy milk in my coffee, and eggs in a quiche or scrambled with lots of cheese. I decided that I had to learn to like these foods since I produced them and they were huge sources of health benefit.

I am proud to say that today I enjoy eggs almost every morning—with or without toppings! There's one condition though: they have to be fresh, TRULY pasture-raised eggs. Other eggs just don't have flavor once you've had a good egg. If you live near Concordia, MO or in the greater KC area, you can get our Pasture-Raised Eggs delivered.

To this day I don't enjoy milk by itself, and sadly we no longer produce our own. But I LOVE dairy products like cottage cheese and yogurt (and ice cream 🤤).

Below is a picture of the that grown-up farm boy and the eggs I this morning. I may have overcooked them slightly, but they still tasted delicious!


What's food that you couldn't eat as a kid, but now have learned to enjoy as an adult? Share with me in the comments below 👇

In good eating,

Your farmer,
Remi Kesten




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