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From the Foreman's Desk - April Update

April 14, 2022

Spring is probably my favorite season. I love different aspects of each season, but spring definitely takes the cake.

New love, new life, new growth. An awakening from the winter. 

There's lots of work to do, but it's so invigorating! 

We've taken a break from any major house projects for now. Trying to get back in the groove of normalcy. 

Here's what we've been up to the last week or so! 

I have a plan to put lots of flowers around the farm - a floral takeover, so to speak. Each year my goal is to add a couple of perennials!

A good friend of mine and her mom both gave me some plants from their home. It was so special. One of the peony plants is from their original farmstead! Another friend of ours let me dig up some strawberry plants 🍓 I can't wait for fresh strawberries in my yogurt!


I also bought some flowers and planted them as well. I'm a rose bush kinda girl, so of course, I bought one of those. But I also bought some forget me nots! I'd never seen them before and they are just so lovely.


This week we are going to the Brookside Farmers Market to visit and shop. We are going to purchase some black raspberries and paw paw trees to add to the farm! I'm so excited. I've never had paw paw before, but I love that it's a native tree. I've heard it resembles bananas? We shall see 😃

Remi has been busy working on shipping projects. He tested 3 different size packages. He wanted to make sure our box and liner design will hold up to one-day shipping. There are some areas that might need to be tweaked a little bit, but it seemed to work pretty well!

Check out our fancy stamp!


The next upcoming project is preparing the brooders for next week's chicks 🐣

Can you believe that? Chicks next week! Lots and lots of fluffy munchkins to watch run around!

Remi has a list of things that need to be done to the brooder to make it all happy and healthy. The brooder is where the chicks spend the first three weeks. We get the chicks in the mail - yes, you read that right. Then we put them in the brooder where it's nice and toasty. We're able to control the temperature and keep it heated by using propane heaters. They'll have access to food and water, and nice clean peat moss bedding. 


The best part about this project is that now Remi will have an extra set of hands to help him! Reeves! 

Remi's brother Reeves is going to work on the farm this season! He, along with John, will be taking care of production. I'll save a longer introduction for another post, but it's so exciting. This is going to be such a fun year! 

Remi and John have also been planning upcoming farm tours and farm dinners, so be on the lookout for more info 👀

I hope you're enjoying this lovely weather as much as I am!


Kait Kesten

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