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Have you heard of FTCLDF?

April 20, 2022

Right now, they are fighting to lift the FDA's ban on interstate sales of raw butter. Can you believe that?? It's illegal to sell and/or transport nutrient-dense, vitamin-rich, raw dairy products like butter. Cray cray. 

Purchasing your meat, veggies, grains, bread, honey, or whatever it is you consume from local farmers and artisans is a huge step towards change in the American food system. In fact, it's the very best place to start. Without farms, there would be nothing to buy. Without customers, there would be no one to sell to. It's a harmonious cycle of people working together. 

 If you're looking for another outlet to help make a difference, check out becoming a member of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. "The FTCLDF believes consumers have the right to buy products directly from farmers..." We here at David's Pasture 100% agree. That's why we're members! Their website has a ton of really cool resources, and we love the fact that if we ever need legal help, we have them in our corner! You can check out their website and see more of what they're about here!

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Kaitlyn Kesten

Kait Kesten

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Apr 20th, 2022

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