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Are You on Facebook or Instagram? We'll Feature You!

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October 4, 2023


Good morning,

It's Remi and Bo today!

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

If so, I have a favor to ask...

We would love for you to share photos and videos of your family receiving, cooking, and enjoying our meats!

Tag us @davidspasture in your post, story, or reel and we will feature you!


We want to grow our farm so that we can serve more families like yours, who value delicious, pasture-raised meats from trustworthy farmers!

By tagging us on your Facebook and Instagram posts, you are helping other people find farmers they can trust.

NOTE: If you have a private account we cannot see your posts. But feel free to send us your photos and videos directly and we will gladly share them on our page!

Thank you for supporting small family farms like ours. You are making a difference in your food system with every bite 💙

Your farmer,



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Good morning (assuming that you're reading this the morning of Thanksgiving.) I hope you're too busy relaxing with family and friends to open your email today and instead see this on Friday.  I wrote this on Wednesday, and set up chores to be (mostly) hands-off the rest of the week. Kaitlyn, Bo and I will be spending Thursday/Friday with my fellow lunatic farmers and in-laws, the Aulgurs. But I wanted to make sure you got my thanks today. Well, our thanks; from all of the families that play a role in getting your food from field to plate. The Coxs, Aulgurs, Pratts, and Kestens all appreciate you greatly. Without you choosing to purchase your meats directly from our small family farm, we wouldn't be accomplishing the following: Producing meats for over 400 familiesRegenerating soil and sequestering carbonRaising livestock outdoors humanelyCreating opportunities for more family farms It makes me happy to think that so many families are enjoying our pasture-raised meats this week. We ourselves are digging into one of our delicious turkeys today. 😋 From the bottom of our hearts, and for all of the reasons mentioned above, thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of both David's Pasture and the bigger picture of restoring the land and the way that we eat. Love, Your farmer,Remi Kesten and all the families at David's Pasture 💙

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