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"Wonderful food, loved talking with Remi and Kaitlyn, and the team! We appreciate being connected to such a great group of producers who care about the animals, the earth, the product, and their customers!" 

- Google Review from Audrey S.

Our customers experience greater health and peace of mind, knowing their meat comes from farmers who share their values.

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We are the solution to the problems you face with the broken food system—a regenerative farm with a focus on quality meats and community.

Here's what we do:

We deliver pasture-raised meats and more to people just like you from our family farm here in Missouri.

We believe in:

  • ALWAYS being pasture-based & transparent
  • raising animals WITHOUT antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, or GMOs
  • consciously NURTURING the land our children will inherit

And transparency is key.

It's what supermarket labels don't offer you, and the lack of that allows big companies to lie to you about what's really happening behind the scenes.

Just like you, we got tired of that!

And we began raising animals to a higher standard of well-being; outside, where you can see them when you drive by, and where we can be held accountable by those who consume our products, rather than a government entity.

Colette Cox wearing a big smile at the spring farm-to-table dinner
Collete Cox enjoying our Spring Farm-to-table Dinner

Welcome to David's Pasture, a small, local-market Missouri farm with a big cultural impact! Our farm is family-owned and multi-generational. As you are looking for food for you and your family we hope you think of us. Our purpose is to learn from the past and change the future of our food, the land, and our lives, as well as to glorify Christ in every facet of our lives.

In adopting the techniques of Joel Salatin and Polyface, Inc, our farm is sustainable, and pasture-based.

Like Polyface, Inc, we're in the business of healing - "healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture." We also have an "open door" policy; our farm is completely transparent, to be enjoyed by all.

Experience satisfaction in building community by knowing your food - and knowing your farmer. Let us be your "clean meat connection."

Recent Farm Updates

June 26, 2024
Our livestock guardian dogs, also known as LGDs, consistently steal the show during farm events here at David's Pasture. In regenerative agriculture, where harmony between nature and farming practices is most important, livestock guardian dogs play an essential role, particularly when raising poultry. Not only do these hard-working canines protect our flocks, they also contribute significantly to wildlife conservation and the efficiency of our farm. Understanding the purpose and benefits of LGDs reveals why they are worth their weight in gold.
June 20, 2024
When my parents, David & Kim Kesten, started this business in 2011, we had defaulted to the name Kesten Family Farm. While fitting, the name didn’t fully capture the vision that my dad had cast for our business. That summer, we spent several weeks brainstorming a new name that would better encompass the values of our business. One morning, at the age of 11, I woke up from a dream. I don’t remember the dream now, except that it involved glimpses throughout King David’s life. I woke up with the name “David’s Pasture” repeating in my head. Half asleep, I stumbled into the dining room where the rest of my family was already enjoying breakfast and asked, “how about David’s Pasture?” It didn’t take long for the rest of my family to agree that David's Pasture was the perfect name.
May 14, 2024
Hey guys, Remi here. 👨‍🌾 Today I want to share my perspective on the USDA's upcoming mandate for RFID ear tags to be used on cattle and bison moved across state lines. First let me state that I am not entirely against RFID Ear Tags, but I am against them being mandated by the government. In this post I will share some of the advantages of RFID technology, as well as the struggles this new requirement presents for ranchers and consumers alike.

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