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100% Grass-Fed & Finished

Our cattle and sheep don't even know what grain is! They are always raised outdoors. We rotationally graze as long as we weather allows, and give them dry hay during the harsh Missouri winters to help supplement nutrition.

Whole Beef Bundle - 360 lbs

Bundle $265.41 savings
$3,317.60 $3,052.19

Lamb Tongue

$3.00/lb. Avg. 0.25 lb.

Lamb Shank

pkg of 2
$10.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Lamb Neck

2.00-3.00 lbs
$12.00/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

Lamb Liver

1 lb pkg
$3.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Lamb Leg Roast

3.00-4.00 lbs
$14.00/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

Lamb Kidneys

pkg of 2
$3.00/lb. Avg. 0.25 lb.

Lamb Heart

$3.00/lb. Avg. 0.5 lb.

Lamb Fries

pkg of 2
$3.00/lb. Avg. 0.75 lb.

Lamb Chops

pkg of 4
$14.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Beef Soup Bones

4.50-6.00 lbs
$4.00/lb. Avg. 5.5 lb.