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Grass-Fed/Finished Custom Beef

We offer custom whole and half sides of beef! Call Remi today to schedule your butcher date!

3 reasons to buy a whole or half beeve:

1) You always have meat on hand

2) You save money per pound

3) You get to choose the cuts

~ We finish your beeve on grass (No grains or drugs)

~ We deliver your beeve to the butcher

~ YOU enjoy grass-fed beef all year long!

Call Remi today to schedule your beef butcher date! (816) 633-2411

How buying a custom beef works:

1) Call Remi to discuss availability and he will help you schedule your butcher date.

2) We will take your beeve to the butcher on your scheduled date.

3) Call the butcher and tell them what cuts you would like (you get to choose!)

4) You get the call: Your beef is ready! Call Remi to complete payment and arrange pickup/delivery of your beef.

We typically have dates available within 1-3 months. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve your beef. This deposit will be applied as a payment to your final invoice. Our price for custom beef is currently:

~ $5.25/lb hang weight for a whole beef

~ $5.50/lb hang weight for a half (side) of beef

Our beef typically hangs around 550 lbs and yields 70% of the hang weight depending on what cuts you decide to keep.

Processing costs will be billed directly to you, and vary based on what cuts you receive (averaging $448 for a whole beef.)

You are responsible for picking up your beef from the butcher, but we can pick it up for you for a $50 fee. We do offer free delivery to your door in select KC area zip codes. Otherwise, your beef can be picked up from our farm in Concordia, MO.

Call Remi today or inquire here to schedule your butcher date! (816) 633-2411

Grass-fed cattle and sheep grazing while being rotated.